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Congratulations.             To all our students who get qualified in 7th - 10th JPSC.

गुणवत्ता, सफलता एवं विश्वसनीयता का पर्याय...

Environmental Science Classes For Civil Services

Environmental Coaching in Ranchi

Environmental Science, is an important area from which important of questions come in UPSC & State PSC, prelims and mains. If someone has done exceptionally well in Environmental Science, it is likely that his/her difference. On the other hand people have been awarded higher marks in optional, so that if someone has done exceptionally well in optional, he/she will score a lot of marks more than others. UPSC is a relative exam, only difference of marks matters.

  • You already studied Environmental Science in school / college, you should definitely opt for it
  • You must have conceptual knowledge in Environmental Science

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